Davido once dated a Tema babe called Nish Kards?


Tue, 27 May 2014 Source: naa lamiley-brooke-enewsgh.com

Nigerian, musician, Davido, has really had some good times in Ghana.

Apart from the fact that he enjoys heavy rotation on urban radio, he is also popular amongst the female republic.

Nish Kards, the Tema-based fine chica he once dated, is a living proof of his excesses. When they were together (or they still are?), they were really such a cool item.

She liked him. He liked her. We can’t say much. They’ve gone their separate ways, we hear. Too bad.

She definitely doesn’t want any of Omo Baba’s designer clothes; neither does she want to ride along in his Ferrari.

She is doing fine without him, we can see. He’s also gone on to some more hits.

Source: naa lamiley-brooke-enewsgh.com