Davido tagged ‘hypocrite’ for failing to vote; he rebuts with ‘venom’

Davido Hypocrite Davido

Mon, 25 Feb 2019 Source: jivenaija.com

Aside urging Nigerians to go out and exercise their franchise, he was seen at almost all the rallies organized by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and openly declared support for its presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar.

In fact, there were times he mounted the stage and performed to the admiration of the audience but the artiste was conspicuously missing on the day of the elections as he had flown to South Africa.

Puzzled over Davido’s decision to be out of the country on such a crucial day, some citizens hopped on social media and vehemently criticized him. While some tagged him as a hypocrite, others said he was an epitome of scam.

“All those oma come back home and vote blab la bla. Did you also tell Davido to come home and vote? Despite the fact that he lives and works from Nigeria? Plus he has been partisan. Una hypocrisy for Nigeria ehnn. Hypocrisy sef don tire for una,” one of the tweets read.

Reacting to the backlash, Davido said he cannot be faulted because the election was expected to be held on an earlier date, indicating that if the elections had not been postponed, he would have been in the country for the exercise.

Davido’s reply, however, did not come without a dig at the tweep as he suggested the gentleman was jobless.

He said: “Was the election meant to be yesterday? Thank you… unlike you, I have a job.”

Source: jivenaija.com