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Desperate Housewives Africa: Chris Attoh out, Peace Hyde in

According to sources, producers of the much talked about African version of the comedy drama series, Desperate Housewives, have selected and called their lead actors for a shoot following auditions that were held months ago.

My source revealed that Chris Attoh was among the lead cast selected but he had to turn down the offer for personal reasons.

However there could be a Ghanaian face in the mix after all, as rumours have it that Peace Hyde also made the cut. Also making the producers’ cut were Nigeria’s Joseph Benjamin and Michelle Dede among others.

In October 2013, Disney announced that they are in production on a spin-off of the mega-hit primetime soap Desperate Housewives, set in an upscale gated community in Lagos. The series, called Desperate Housewives Africa.


The show would feature an “African soul” and will provide” the opportunity to engage African audiences through locally relevant and entertaining storytelling” according to a joint statement by Disney and their producing partner EbonyLifeTV.

The show will also act as a vehicle to promote Nigerian dress designers and feature pan-African acting talent.

Desperate Housewives, which ran from 2004 until 2012, was a ratings smash for Disney-owned ABC and made a global star out of Eva Longoria. Vanessa Williams, Alfre Woodard and Mehcad Brooks also joined the ensemble cast in later seasons.

Other versions of Desperate Housewives have already been produced in Turkey, Argentina, Brazil and the U.S. in Spanish.

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