Entertainment Fri, 24 May 2013

Did Bandana plan his 'madness' at VGMA 2013?

Over the years, we've seen both locally and internationally artists do the funniest and bizarre things for media hype, public pity or to resurrect a career that has taken a nose dive.

Some complain the least chance they get, others fight with other artist for no reason; Some even go as far as releasing sex tapes of themselves, just for attention.

In Ghana, we’ve witnessed situations where artists intentionally create beef with other artists for no particular reason, just for public and media attention.

There are also instances where an artist or group have had serious dispute with event organizers, later to end up on a show organized by the same event organizer’s they had the grudge with. Some are even awarded bigger deals or awards as if nothing ever happened.

Having considered all the above, one wonders if Bandana’s actions at the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards on the 18th of May, was planned before the event and after the event.

Let take a close look at Bandana’s actions before and after.

Bandana’s songs have been out for some time now, but we all know Kaakie’s song Tuffe pon tougue had more air play, been around longer and is more known nationwide than Bandana’s King of Dance hall song.

So, it could be that Bandana knew he won't win; but knew being the biggest event in the music calendar; press from all over the country and beyond will be present- from television, online to radio. What better time to get everyone’s attention than to act the way he did at the VGMA 2013? And it worked!

Secondly, we all know Bandana has been taking shots at every Reggae dancehall artist in the country from Iwan, StoneBwoy, down to Samini, but hasn’t been successful in getting responds from any of them- which if he did, will gain him the media attention he seems to be looking for with the fights.

Another development that shows Bandana planned his VGMA conduct is the sequence of happenings after the event. Right after the event, he (Bandana) went on tweeter and started insulting Charter House, Kaakie (who won the Award) and the media house that broke the first story; drops a well composed track insulting Charter house and everyone the next day as the next phase of a well thought out plan.

Interestingly, whether planned or not, things are working in Bandana’s favor, because, after the awards, the only celebrity whose name made news the most, and whose songs are getting more downloads is Bandana- which has never happened to him ever since he started his musical career. After all, there is nothing like bed publicity.

And the strange thing is one would expect Bandana to lose his fans; instead, he is rather gaining more followers on every social media platform he finds himself. Funny enough, the winners of the night are not even getting half of the media attention he is getting.

All of these are happening to him because of what he, Bandana, did at the VGMA 2013. R2Bees won 6 awards, but with Bandana ambushing the media space, this instead of being the R2Bees VGMA 2013, it has become Bandana’s VGMA 2013 with not even a single award.

Though it is clear that Bandana had everything well thought out, the question still stands, did Bandana plan his madness?

Source: ghlive.com