Divorce rumours spark after Chris Attoh deleted all wedding photos on Instagram

Chris Attoh   Divorce Rumours The actor has created an impression that all is not well with his second marriage

Sun, 5 May 2019 Source: ghbase.com

Chris Attoh has started giving us one of those signals that suggest that, his current marriage is about crushing like the first one or has already crushed and we are just praying that, it’s not what we are thinking.

The actor has created an impression that all is not well as he’s deleted all wedding photos of himself and his wife Betty Jennifer whom he got married to in October 2018.

Well, you may say that deleting those photos is not enough prove that, something is wrong but from what we’ve learned in history with ‘deleting of photos’ on Social media about celebrities, it’s always the first signal that something is CERTAINLY wrong.

When he was married to the Nigerian actress Damilola and their marriage started crushing, she stopped wearing her ring and then started deleting photos of Chris Attoh on her IG and even refused to wish him a Happy birthday on Social media like she’s done in previous years.

When the rumours started, Uncle Chris denied them saying that there’s no divorce only for him to admit that his marriage has indeed ended months ago.

In an interview back in September 2017, Chris suggested that his wife was not submissive to him and that was one of the many reasons why his marriage didn’t work.

Seriously, we are all praying that, it’s just him cleaning up his IG with plans of uploading fresher pictures and not that things are getting ‘ugly’ in his marriage else it would suggest that, he’s the problem and perhaps not the women.

Ghbase.com will keep its ears to the grounds and eyes wide open for more gist on what’s going on in the Attoh family.

Source: ghbase.com
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