Music Sun, 17 Aug 2008

Do It Right says Dee Jonz

Even though the spelling of the name is different it’s still the same old Dee Jones  (now spelt Dee Jonz) formerly of BIA. Dee Jonz announced that to Ghana Music.com that he was going solo with a solo album. Dee Jonz is so excited about his solo album, an album it took him 8 years to record, so now you know he took his time in the studio to drop a smash album.

With Jay Q at his side, he spent most of his studio working seriously with the jama king beat maker. Dee Jonz previewed his tracks his 12 track album to us in our office which songs like “Do It Right”, “Adjeley”, “Girls In Africa”, “Maana” and more.

“When I look in the industry I could see that they did not have a song that will be enjoyed by Africans so I took it upon myself to change that error”, that was the motivation behind Dee Jonz single “Do It Right”.

Dee Jones should know. Before dropping his album, he knows about the music canker called payola to which he is not so bothered about because he knows he has a good album.

“Is a song that will entertain tourists for years to come”, a French resident in Ghana said when he heard this song.


With the title, “Do It Right” which says it all. The song does not need a break down. Dee Jonz are lucky because radio has taken off but he is appealing to any one that his songs calmed him down should buy a copy when it’s released.

Dee Jonz won’t alienate his existing audience by shying away from other socially conscious themes or refusing to discuss relationship dilemmas, peace and anything pertaining music.

Dee Jones who penned all the song says K. K. Fosu, Nayanka, David Boi, Shee and some underground artistes were his best collaborators.

Trophy or no trophy Dee Jones says his work has already rewarded him and it’s time for him to shine with his album that is loaded with good quality messages.

Dee Jonz broadens his recognition by collaborating with pulse pounding beat makers like Jay Q, RoRo and Appietus.

Source: ghanamusic.com