I’m ‘dead’ to negative comments – Bisa Kdei

Bisa Kdei 90.png Highlife musician, Bisa Kdei

Mon, 15 Feb 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

There is a notion that once you become a celebrity or a key personality in society, you will need to develop a thick skin for negative comments, insults and criticism targeted and you and sometimes your family.

Highlife musician, Bisa Kdei, who has on several occasions faced backlashes from a section of the public for his style of music says he is not perturbed by what people say about him.

Despite some social media critics terming his music as “funeral songs”, he said that he keeps making strides in Ghana as well as the rest of the continent.

Speaking in an interview with ZionFelix, monitored by GhanaWeb, he indicated that he usually laughs over hate comments when he comes across any on social media.

According to him, he will rather channel his energy into making good songs and money than reply to critics.

“They said all stuff about me, but when my deal came, these same people talked about it. Sometimes you just have to let it be, let people say what they want. Let them assume what they want to assume and just focus on your work,” he advised.

He further added: “Previously I was hurt when I hear negative comments about myself. That even lead me to record my song “Give It To Baba” …I don’t usually talk, I only talk when there is a need to.”

When questioned on reasons why his songs are not making waves in Ghana as it did before, he said, “I don’t have to blame anyone, at some point it happens, that’s the nature of the job.”

In 2020, Bisa’s song, “Asew” was featured in the soundtrack of Netflix’s Christmas movie, Jingle Jangle” offered him international recognition.

Speaking on the back of the project, the Highlife artiste indicated that, his authentic style and love for his culture earned him the deal.

“I have worked on several projects but due to non-disclosure, I can't talk about it. They used 20 years planning the movie… I actually did a remix of “Asew” to fit the movie ( Jingle Jangle). I had to tweak the words but with the same rhythm,” he added.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com