Don’t rely on TikTok for hit songs; it will fade easily – Nana Romeo advises artistes

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Tue, 19 Sep 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Nana Romeo, the host of Accra FM’s Entertainment Capital has admonished Ghanaian artistes to desist from relying wholly on TikTok for hit songs because it does not last long.

He remarked that social media has become a powerful tool in the music industry for the marketing of songs, but depending on it for hit songs would lead to the lyrics not lasting longer than one would expect.

The radio presenter said that his comment was necessitated by an observation he made in recent years where songs that thrive on TikTok tend to fade away quicker compared to the traditional media.

Nana Romeo also urged Ghanaian artistes to pay attention to the traditional media for hit songs as such music remains ‘evergreen’ regardless of how long it lasts.

“The new trend now in this world is social media, no two ways about this especially TikTok. One advice I would give to musicians is that if you are a musician, don’t rely on TikTok for hit songs. Because the moment you get hit from TikTok, your song does not last, it fades,” he said.

“Listen to me very well, if you are a musician and you rely solely on TikTok, you can get hit and all the bars but it does not last long then the song dies off. So I would plead that they [music artistes] shouldn’t forget the traditional media. Any song that hits on the radio is evergreen, it can be played at any time.

"So, musicians who go to TikTok after releasing songs, although it gives you the talk, it won’t last long. I can give you a lot of songs that did well on TikTok but didn’t last long.”

He further advised, “So if you are an artiste, don’t put all your trust on TikTok if not before you realize your song would have faded without gaining any meaningful revenue.”


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