Dotsei Malor, Giovani Caleb caution Tonto Dikeh over 'UN ambassador deal'

Tonto Dikeh UN Ambassador Actress Tonto Dikeh receives her 'UN ambassadorial' items

Sat, 10 Apr 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

On April 7, 2021; Nigerian A-list actress, Tonto Dikeh, posted on Facebook that she had been appointed as a United Nations Noble Ambassador, and rightfully so; the post eliciting different responses across board.

More so for a public figure with over 5.4 million followers on the social networking platform, as expected the number of shares were also big as were congratulatory messages.

But in the midst of the felicitations, Ghanaian followers and commenters were visible, sounding words of caution to the actress to tread cautiously on the issue.

One of the top Ghanaian commenters was former Presidential Spokesperson under the Mahama administration, Ben Dotsei Malor, who clarified that the award in question had nothing to do with the UN.

The other commenter was TV3 Date Rush host, Giovani Caleb, who brought mockery to the table from issuing of red flags to rejecting the award and commenting on the haircut of the "UN Global Chairman."

The context to this caution is the now infamous Dr. UN award fiasco that rocked Ghana's entertainment scene last year after a number of media and showbiz top shots were awarded shiny vases and certificates under a 'non-existent' ambassadorial deal with the United Nations.

What Dotsei Malor said:

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE: Dear Sister, with all my due respect, take note that there is no UN award or recognition called the "United Nations International Ambassador."

This has absolutely nothing to do with the United Nations.

This is totally misleading and troubling, to say the least, and most probably fraudulent, to be frank.

KINDLY PLEASE, check with any UN offices or agencies in Abuja. Thank you.

[Please, this information is not out of spite or hate but to help us know the truth, with malice towards none and only goodwill to all.]

Giovani Caleb's response:

Too many red flags. Is That number plate meant to park your career? We refuse it IJN. Must they all have the same haircut? Dr UN & Global Chairman.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com