Music Sat, 12 Dec 2015

‘Dumsor bronya’ song not political – Kaakyire Kwame Appiah

Contrary to suggestions that he is being political with his new single, Dumsor Bronya, veteran highlife artiste, Kaakyire Kwame Appiah has indicated he is not doing politics.

Kaakyire who is known for releasing songs for Christmas clarified on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz on Thursday that he only sought to make fun of the erratic power supply that has bedevilled the country close to three years.

According to him, he does not do partisan politics.

“All I’m saying is, we would love to celebrate the Christmas but looking at how the ‘dumsor’ (power fluctuation) is… I’m not doing politics. I’m not a politician… I reside in Ghana and produce movies. But because of the dumsor, the movies are not selling. We have not experienced dumsor only during our current president’s era; past governments as well. But what are we doing about it? And that’s what everyone is asking of,” he told host, Sammy Flex.

“Everybody is complaining about dumsor so why not do something with it to make people happy for the Christmas? I am doing something on the lighter side that we will celebrate Christmas with dumsor. Whether you are a politician or not, the situation affects you. I don’t support party A or B; I’m not doing politics,” the forty-seven-year-old added.

Currently, Kaakyire Kwame Appiah has five songs on Christmas namely: 24th, Soroku, Y??k?di, K? Efie K?di Bronya and Dumsor Bronya.

On why he chose to release songs on Christmas, Kaakyire Kwame Appiah said it was strategic.

“Our songs were mainly on love, death and innuendos so I asked myself, ‘why not do something on Christmas to topple it up with what was existing?’ so that when I die, those festive songs will be played and I will be remembered no matter the generation. That is why I decided to release a Christmas song every 3-4 years,” he stated.

Enjoy visuals of his song below:

Source: abrantepa.com