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Sun, 3 Dec 2017 Source: rainbowradioonline.com

Entertainment enthusiast Nana Turkson, has waded into the brouhaha surrounding the nudity of female Dancehall artiste, Ebony Reigns.

In his view, the media is rather making the 'Hustler' hit maker more popular with the daily discussion surrounding her choice of dressing.

Ebony has berated critics who have slammed her over her seductive way of dressing.

Some were of of the view that, she will not last in the industry if she fails to concentrate on talent instead of ridding on nudity to sell herself.

However, Nana Turkson says Ebony is not a gospel musician, and she is also "not singing Presbyterian hymns but hardcore Dancehall. Listen to her lyrics."

He was however quick to add that, Ebony must do what she is doing tastefully because when you do it tastefully, it will move from vulgarism to sex appeal.

The genre she is doing is all about sex appeal. Dancehall he noted has transformed and reggae which was used as a conscious music, has been transformed to include sex appeal, dance and all kinds of vices.

Nana Turkson further indicated, Ebony does not dress in private like she does in public and has charged those who do not find her artistic work good, to stop watching her.

Ghanaians he indicated are hypocrites because those who criticize her are the same people who are so obsessed with pornography.

He said the one who gave the musician the name Ebony, has done extremely well because the girl is talented, has a sex appeal and one thing that makes her extraordinarily adorable is the complexion especially when it is coming at a time when a lot of celebrities are bleaching their skin.

Nana Turkson said, Ebony is happy because the media is making her more relevant and the ongoing saga is a marketing strategy for the artiste.

He said Shatta Wale used violence to sell his brand and Ebony is also trying to find a unique way to sell her brand especially when there are other female dancehall artistes who are also doing well.

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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