Entertainment Wed, 30 May 2018

Ex-Doe to campaign for homosexuals for GHC50,000

Ace rapper Ex-Doe has disclosed that he was contacted by an influential gay group who offered him a whopping GHC50,000.00 for a song.

Interestingly, Ex-Doe, who has gone missing from the music scene accepted the offer and will soon be dropping the track.

However, in an interview with Joy News’ Lexis Bill, he noted that he is straight and has never been gay, so the fact that the song is to advocate for gay rights does not mean he is homosexual.

“I was contacted with an amount of 50,000 Ghana Cedis to do a gay rights campaign song for the gay community. I am not gay but I don’t have anything against gay people,” he stated.

In his estimation, he finds it disturbing the way homosexuals are demonized in the country as he believes everyone must be given the chance to do as they wish with their lives.

“There are prostitutes out there whom some people don’t like but they are there. Let’s leave people to live their lives how they please. God will judge us all at the end,” he argued.

The lesbian gay bisexual and transgender, LGBT, rights have been met with stiff resistance from both the civil society and other religious bodies who have termed the act as alien to Ghana’s culture.

Interestingly enough, a member of the gay community in Ghana who calls himself JayQuameh says legalizing homosexuality will be a bad thing. The young gay man says legalizing homosexuality in Ghana will result in more hatred for the gay community especially when society is strongly against the act.

“I think it shouldn’t be accepted here in Ghana because whether it is accepted or not things are not going to change, rather, it’s going to be worse…Let’s say now it is accepted, we can go about doing our own stuff, it will be accepted by the law but not accepted by the people,” he revealed in an interview with Joy News.

According to JayQuameh, he rather wants to see homosexuals given the right to go about their duties and live out their preferences without being attacked once they are not ‘publicly displaying’ their intimate details; it’s what works for him.

“It’s different if I go out wearing crazy bad stuff, making out with people on the streets, that’s when the community can actually attack me. But I go out doing my normal duties as a casual person, having fun, I won’t be attacked,” he stated.

Homosexuality is a practice frowned upon by the Ghanaian society. This has resulted in many homosexuals hiding in their closets for fear of discrimination.

Source: asempafmonline.com