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Excuse me, Vanessa! You and Funny Face are ‘better off’ separated

Vanessa And Funny2.png Vanessa and the father of her kids, FunnyFace

Tue, 23 May 2023 Source: Elsie Lamar

It’s been three solid years of toxicity from both ends and here are three reasons why Vanessa isn’t just what Funny Face needs, and vice versa.

Social media woke up to the news of a remorseful Vanessa expressing her intentions of a possible reunion, or should I say a subtle way of ‘shooting her shot’ one more time at Funny Face.

But are they really what they need, particularly at this moment when Funny Face, the ‘man in the relationship’ is trying to recoup and join the pieces of his life together?

Definitely a no!

What Vanessa said in her interview with Kwaku Manu

Vanessa disclosed her intent to make amends with Funny Face if given an opportunity.

In an interview with Kwaku Manu monitored by GhanaWeb, Vanessa established that she has mature over the period and that, she wouldn’t hesitate to embrace the idea of spending moments with Funny Face and their children.

"If Funny Face would want the kids and me to come home at least for a week or two, why not? It gets to a point in life where you have to mature. We have done a lot of things and been through a lot. We even have kids, three of them. So spending a week or two with him won’t make any difference. It’s not like I intend to hurt him or he might hurt me. He would’ve hurt me long ago if really, he wanted to,” she told Kwaku Manu.

After their nasty fallout in 2020, Funny Face in a recent interview with Delay, disclosed that the last time he set his eyes on his kids was when they visited him in 2021 at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital where he was receiving treatment - treatment from a mental condition, (Bipolar) with countless maniac episodes triggered by not gaining access to his kids after Vanessa took them away.

Now, in case you have forgotten, let me refresh your memory about what really went down.

In 2020, Funny Face and Vanessa washed their dirty linen in public over claims of domestic violence meted out against each other.

This was after Vanessa fled Funny Face’s home together with the kids as according to her, she could no longer stand the maltreatment in the house.

Funny Face who could not control his anger and the fact that the kids were taken away from him, took to social media several times to insult his baby mama's parents amidst several accusations and even threatened to kill himself.

Consequently, that was the foundation for the years of pain, tears, contemplating suicide several times, fighting his friends and mentors, engaging in public altercations and even on live TV, threatening people with guns which landed him in jail and the psychiatric hospital among others.

Vanessa, on the other hand completely cut ties with Funny Face and was basking in the little fame she had.

From granting countless interviews narrating how Funny Face almost killed her, to selling aphrodisiacs on social media due to the fact that her followers had increased, and claiming that she was married to another person, among others, she just didn't care about the father of her kids.

And oh, the story wouldn’t be complete without the part where Vanessa’s parents took to social media and media platforms severally to slam and threaten Funny Face.

Now let’s move to why they cannot be together


It is normal for every couple to argue or fight and the way both the partners solve the issue determines how compatible they are together. In the case of Funny Face and Vanessa, we all saw how their issues were all over the place, totally out of control.

Just like a normal relationship, we weren’t expecting bliss or perfection, but these two displayed deep-seated incompatibility, heightened rage, disappointment and others and this brings us to the conclusion that something else is at play beyond the normal scratchiness: they appear to be wrong partners for each other. The term ‘unlike polls attract’ do not apply to them. Two lions cannot rule the jungle.

Funny Face is making progress with healing, getting his life back on track

After years of pain, mental meltdowns and losing important deals, particularly, brand ambassadorial deals, Funny Face seems to have undergone a complete overhaul while in rehab, and he came out better.

Recent pictures of his current appearance prove the comedian is in a much better space and the toxicity from his past relationship with Vanessa is just what he doesn’t need at the moment.

In a recent interview with Delay, Funny Face declared his intentions to stay away from relationships for now.

Vanessa could be a trigger again

In all of Funny Face’s outbursts and mental episodes on social media, Vanessa’s name spanned through most of his sentences.

He cited Vanessa as the main course of his predicaments, particularly his deteriorated mental health.

But during this three-year period, he has mastered the art of living without her and a comeback could be disastrous to his mental state.

Post-traumatic syndrome (Ptsd) coupled with hyperactive paranoia could set in each time they have little fights and this could escalate into another episode of a ‘completely finished Funny Face’.

In conclusion, it is important for Funny Face to resume his fatherhood responsibilities to their three children, but reuniting with Vanessa, should never be an option.

Vanessa should let Funny Face be!


Source: Elsie Lamar
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