Expert shares important strategy to monetizing one’s content

Tue, 19 Jan 2021 Source: e.TV Ghana

Filmmaker and lecturer, Laurene Manaa Abdallah, has advised social media users to be particular about the content that they put on social media if they want to be able to monetize it.

In an interview with Eunice Tornyi on the African Women’s Voices Show which airs on eTV Ghana, she observed that a lot of people put out content but do not monetizing it, hence they get the likes and popularity but that is all there is to it while others are also taking advantage of those likes and popularity, and turning them into revenue.

She noted that one very important question that social media users need to ask themselves is whether they are putting out content for content sake or whether they are looking at making content as a business and source of revenue.

Laurene shared per her knowledge that for those who want to make content as a business and in monetizing one’s social media platforms, the one most important strategy is to scrutinize the content that we put out and analyze whether or not people would love to see such content.

“Where I come from, what we do is we think about the content and we think about the market. Who would want to see this? Who would spend that dollar on that content? So I think of families, friends, children and every possible target for the content”, she said.

According to the expert, good content is timeless, therefore such content can be monetized for as long as it exists.

Source: e.TV Ghana