FLASHBACK: Something pushed me – Kwadwo Dickson on why he quit Peace FM

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Wed, 15 Mar 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

One of the employees of Despite Media whose exit shocked many was Kwadwo Dickson. On August 19, 2021, a publication was made about what informed his decision to leave Peace FM. He mentioned in his interview with Stacy that 'something happened', and he did not hesitate to exit.

On the back of Nana Ama McBrown's exit from Despite Media which has courted controversies, GhanaWeb reproduces the content for readers.

Read the story as published by GhanaWeb below.

Two years after quitting Abeka-based Peace FM to become the General Manager of Lapaz-based Angel FM, Kwadwo Dickson has narrated circumstances that led to his exit but remains tight-lipped about an incident that “pushed” him to leave the organization he had spent almost two decades with.

The popular newscaster taking his turn on ‘Restoration With Stacy’ said prior to that incident, he upgraded himself by enrolling in a communications school, a decision which influenced his thoughts. He then craved new challenges but the situation at the time was problematic.

“I spent 18 years with Peace FM. When I clocked 15, I was looking forward to a new challenge. Although I enjoyed newscasting, I needed some dynamics in my presentation so I was looking forward to a change,” he said in local dialect Asante Twi.

“I also went back to school to study communications and wished I were not repeating certain stuff. I had an enlightenment and wished it could be applied where I was but it wasn’t manifesting no matter how I directed my focus,” Kwadwo Dickson added.

Although these were factors that informed his decision to call it quits, an incident broke the camel’s back.

“In my 18th year, something happened but I cannot disclose it. That is what pushed me. It was the peak; I had no option than to quit,” he said but issued a disclaimer that “leaving Peace FM had nothing to do with financial considerations”.

According to him, although he decided to quit Peace FM, his next destination was not a radio station; he rather wanted to focus on being a voiceover artist. However, after engaging the owner of Angel FM in a conversation, he picked up a role in the media organization.

He said: “While at Peace FM, I set up small businesses, I built a recording studio for commercials. When I decided to leave, the intention was to focus on that enterprise and not venture into radio anymore. But along the line, I had interaction with the owner of Angel FM.”

Kwadwo Dickson has “no regrets leaving Peace FM and possibly will have no regrets” but is grateful to his former employers.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com