Fan stalks Irene Logan, claims 'We will die together'

Irene Logan Songbird

Tue, 24 Mar 2015 Source: Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh

"The curse of the blessing"- a term used to describe negative effects of a positive adventure. This is something our celebrities experience on a daily basis.

Irene Logan took to facebook to share with her fans messages sent by a stalker. Researching more into this, I realized that the said fan whose facebook name is "Prosper Donku" claimed that he joined facebook to gain Irene's attention.

Prosper had cried out to his facebook friends in a post that read " This lady here I'm loving too much. Dear friends because of her I haf join facebook...... I'm crying to find her and tell how much I love am. Oh Irene Logan.... I'm your ILog number 1. Somebody help me make I'm finding her, Thanks".

Irene Logan shared screenshots of her super crazy fan's messages to her, reading the messages, I could tell that the guy is probably "semi-illiterate" and obsessed.

Irene Logan vented her frustration by writing "so this guy has been sending really stalker-like messages to me ..and sometimes even goes as far as threatening me. It's ok to love and admire someone, but when it becomes obsessive, it's a major problem.

Normally people with stalker-like behavior start soft and then go very intense. I'm not scared of threats from random people and i don't think its a compliment to say to me that "we will die together"..God forbid bad ting..chai...however, I'm flattered and appreciate ur love for my craft anything beyond that is crazy obsession...."

Source: Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh