Entertainment Wed, 30 Mar 2016

Farming is sexy - Gramps Morgan

A member of the sibling band Morgan Heritage, gramps Morgan has revealed to JoyNews Prime that, farming is sexy and part of African’s success.

“I believe that is going to sustain Africa because there is no reason to import chicken,” He stated.

Morgan wants to keenly show Africa farming is a sexy business that can sustain individuals.

“Everyone does not have to be a footballer or an artist. Farming can sustain us” He said.


Agriculture is more to Gramps Morgan than music as he hopes to create jobs to the Ghanaian youth.

Gramps Morgan is also planning to expand his 60 acres of farm to 260 acres in the coming years.

He expresses worry many upcoming youth now consider farming as a way of life.

Morgan is currently working with Organisation of African Development to create awareness about the viable nature of farming.

Source: centre4ccfs.org