Movies Mon, 12 Apr 2010

Fiifi Coleman Runs Away From Hot Fuck

Movie stars in Ghana have now taken over the entertainment industry but the danger and the astonishment is that, most of their stories are mostly negative based stories. Though some of these stories are being considered fabricatory by fans, but they should not forget that behind every fire, there is smoke.

Fiifi Coleman, a budding actor is the latest to be facing problems with movie Africa because he was given a movie script which had a working title called Hot Fuck. He confidently agreed to be in the movie but at the time of production, he was no where to be found on the set.

According to the producer of Movie Africa Socrates Safo, he has been talking to Fiifi Coleman and has narrated how the movie will be like even before giving him the script. Later, Fiifi returned the script saying because of the nudity in it, he is not going to play that role again.

Socrates also continued that to him, he does not see what is wrong with the type of movies they are doing because he has never made any of his actors go fully naked and even in the Hot Fuck, no body went naked but there are some love scenes in it and he thinks that if you are an actor and you don't want to play a nude scene, you don't even have to accept the script because you have already been told there are some roles of nudity in it.


In an interview with Fiifi Coleman, he told Flex newspaper that he does not even want to comment about Hot Fuck because he believes it`s somebody's production and he is also coming out with his own production called the Game which he would like us to talk about.

He revealed that he went for the script because he didn't know he was the one to play the nude role. “I accept scripts which has nudity in it but if I am playing it, I will not do it because I don't see the reason why I should go naked whiles we have many ways to portray sex scenes to our fans” he added.

He hinted that he does not encourage any movie producer to come out with nude movies. Meanwhile, Socrates narrated the movie to be one which talks about a man who has been cheating on his wife whiles the wife also decided to go for another man. In the process, many things happened which is more educational, so he thinks everybody must get a copy for home viewing.

Source: ghanaianmovie.com