Five contemporary artistes with unique Afrocentric styles

Fri, 4 Sep 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Every creative personality has a specific style they explore and prefer their brands are identified with. For many, it is the signature that precedes their songs, others only stick to influencing the fashion trends to highlight the specific genre they are into.

However, there are quite a few who have set themselves apart with their remarkable styles of highlighting the rich African culture.

With their style, what they produce are respected as distinct and rich in content.

GhanaWeb in this article makes a compilation of some artistes who fall in this category.

King Ayisoba

Perhaps, one of the most avid conformant to the concept of traditional African culture and music, Albert Apoozore, famed as King Ayisoba has never in his music career deviated from his unique Afrocentric style.

Though he does not make glaring news headlines and have a staunch fanbase in his homeland, he sure has followers in several Europeans countries, as he has undoubtedly graced a plethora of international stages.

At about 46 years, King Ayisoba still dazzles his fans with his African brewed music which he mostly churns out with the ‘Kologo’ instrument.


The lioness of Africa as she is affectionately called has been the headline artiste of several shows off the shores of Ghana but she is always identified with her unique African style.

From her deeply rooted African hairstyles to her costumes, Wiyaala despite the varying decent of her fans refuses to change her style of Afropop.

She continues to sing in her local dialects -Sissala and Waala - even on international stages and has vehemently refused to conform with the trends of contemporary music.

Wiyaala has said in some media interactions that she sometimes composes her songs in the traditional African way; where “people sit around banging out a rhythm on a drum and extemporising lyrics out of everyday events,” financial times wrote.

Sherifa Gunu

The Ghanaian soul singer, who for some time now, has become dormant is one of the few artistes who proudly exhibited her culture to the international world.

Famed for her traditional mohawk which is always adorned with beautiful beads African beads, Sherifa Gunu served Ghanaians back-to-back hits of African themed songs.

Her album, ‘Akwaaba Wo Africa’ will perhaps be one of the constant reminders that she was indeed one of the dominant female artiste in the country who showed the world the true meaning of culture.


The God MC as he is popularly called carved a niche for himself since he entered the music scene somewhere in 2007. His soothing blend of afro-beats and hip-hop is something music lovers appreciate.

However, one distinctive thing about him is his penchant for wearing African fabrics, accessories and consistently depicting African symbols and idea in his videos.

Though he was initially ridiculed for his fashion sense and portrayal of his Afrocentric style at the initial stages, it never stopped him from maintaining his consistency in executing his vision.

Cina Soul

Of the new age artistes; her soothing quality of voice and unique Afrocentric style sets her apart from her peers.

Mention Cina Soul and everyone looks at the Ga princess who fails to throw away or cut off her roots and culture in the name of art and music. Does she even go somewhere without her beads?

Her staunch depiction of ‘Africanacity’ contributed to her victory at the recently held Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2020; she won the Best Video of the Year.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com