Forget about my English, the spirit of God is upon my life - Prophet Kumchacha

Kumchacha4.jpeg Leader of Heaven's Gate Ministry, Prophet Kumchacha

Fri, 3 Jul 2020 Source: happyghana.com

Controversial man of God, Prophet Kumchacha of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, has demanded that Ghanaians should forget about the fact that his English speaking is bad, as it does not make him any less of a pastor.

He made this assertion during a phone interview with Happy 98.9FM’s Rev. Nyansa Boakwa on the number one religious and social programme Nsem Pii, following a rhetorical question he asked about whether leaders choose not to go by the laws just because they have been abroad before.

This was in relation with the Electoral Commission setting up centres for Voter ID registration but failing to observe safety protocols as demanded by the president.

“A lot of us have been abroad before. The only thing they use to beat me sometimes is my English but English does not provide chop money. As illiterate as I am, at least every three months, I board a plane and pray over the heads of people who have completed varsity. I have travelled to about 10 countries. You should know that God is good”, said the pastor.

“If God wants to use someone, he takes a worthless person and uses him and that is why Peter never went to school but when God laid hands on him, he was able to preach in Jerusalem for 3000 people to repent in a day so forget about English, for the spirit of God is upon my life”, Kumchacha further exclaimed.

Kumchacha pleaded that the leaders should also respect the laws of the country because it is meant to govern everyone and that does not exclude them as leaders.

Source: happyghana.com