Music Sat, 24 May 2008

Fred Agyemang comes again

Many believers of the gospel music believe that it only this genre of music that can change the behavioural attitudes of the youth who have gone wayward and departed from moral rectitude.

Fred Agyemang Manu has come out with a new gospel song to help check morality and reckless behaviour among the youth.

According to Fred, putting all these into compact lyrics is his way of spreading the good news to the youth and society at large. “I have been in this situation before and I know what I went through, especially when I was a student. That is the reason why I am communicating these words of encouragement to them at a time when morality has degenerated to its lowest ebb,” he said.

In the title song ‘Okwabi’ the new gospel sensation offers a valid moral reminder. “Not all that glitters is gold” and whatever one does today there is an account to be rendered on judgement day. This is a well arranged and excellent piece of work in a slow highlife vein.


‘Me Nyame’ is about how powerful the name of Jesus is. It also accounts for how Jesus can deliver and save all lost souls. The excellent drum work gives pace to the delivery.

‘Yesu Be Wo Mame’ (Christ died for me) is done in a mixed dialect, Fante and English. It encourages the youth not to go down when tribulation befall them but to rely on the good Lord for deliverance to fill their hearts with the joy of the creator.

Excellent voice is the strong point here. It is my favourite on the album and very danceable. ‘Wo Din No’ flows with a reggae beat with a smooth voice over a strong live guitar work. The rest of the songs on the album which is equally great are ‘Hunhum Kronkron’, ‘Ebenezer’ and ‘Baffour Nyame’.

According to his manager Edem Lloyd Atikpoe the cassettes and the CDs are on sale mainly at Kantamanto and Pat Thomas, Kumasi.

Source: ghanamusic.com