Entertainment Mon, 30 Aug 2010

Funny Face Cries After Historic Performance On 1010

Peacefmonline.com spotted sensational comedian Funny Face Benson going through a rather emotional moment with tears dropping down his wet eyes, back stage after his historic performance last Saturday. “Oh! My brother ekom adi me akye” (meaning: I have being hungry for so long, in Twi).

Funny Face known for his popular catch phrase “Agama Swaaag on!!” told peacefmonline.com that he had been praying for this opportunity for so long and finally God has made it happen for him. “I felt like I was dreaming, when I was on stage looking at the number of highly distinguished personalities laughing their head off at my jokes.

But after my performance, when everyone wanted to commend me, take pictures with me, and I closed my eyes, tears started flowing. I could not control it because I remembered when I used to sleep at Adom FM for several days because I didn’t have money to pick a car from Tema to Accra. I thank God almighty and my fans for bringing me this far,” He said.

In a typical host and win scenario, Ghanaian stand-up comedian, Funny Face Benson, who was the host comedian to his Nigerian counterparts, at this year’s “Night of 1010 Laughs and Music” carried the night over the Nigerian compatriots: “Gordons”, “Helen Paul”, “Seyi Law”, “MC Abbey” and “Klint the Drunk”, with the advantage of home support.

Funny Face single-handedly mesmerized the over four thousand crowd who thronged the Dome at Accra International Conference Centre over the weekend, on Saturday August 28, 2010. The crowd laughed uncontrollably to every single word that the up and coming comedian uttered, all through his performance until he left the stage.


He appeared on stage dress in a wine corduroy suit he claims was custom made by “two international designers, Gucci featuring Louis Vuitton”. He danced in a typical Ghanaian way to a classic, danceable Daddy Lumba hit track “Blabla”. And even when he had not opened his month to say a word, the audience screamed and yelled at his serious dance steps.

Funny Face, who was performing on the biggest comedy platform in Ghana for the first time, began his act with a very sarcastic prayer asking God to “cast out all the demons in anybody in the audience who wants to kill his career” by not laughing.

“let’s pray! Father lord in the name of Jesus anybody who has made up his or her mind this day to kill my career by not laughing, Father Lord make him laugh. It’s being ten year of fasting and prayers, to be here this day. Lord, do not put me to shame. You did it in Rwanda, Kigali, Burkina, you did not put me to shame, so not in my own country.”

That was Funny face’s humble prayer-request to God which shook the very foundation of the Dome.

He dished out countless rib cracking jokes and had the biggest applause from the crowd on the night.


Winner of “Star of the Future” Bertha, “Serious” highlife singer Abrantie Amakyi Dede and ever energetic hiplife group VIP performed to spice up the night with their different genre of music.

Funny Face expressed his appreciation to Rev. Markwei of Living Streams, Pastor Azigiza Junior, Abeiku Santana, B.B. Menson, Papa Sly, K.S.M, Sammi B, Kwami Sefa Kayi, Fiifi Benson and Fennic Okyere for their motivation, and also thanked the Dramatic Art of ICGC and all media houses in Ghana.

“I also want to thank my fans for being there for me, this is just the beginning,” he added.

No wonder MC George Quaye a.k.a Aboagye described him as the future of stand-up comedy in Ghana.

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/Peacefmonline.com/