Entertainment Fri, 10 Nov 2017

GB Interactive presents the ‘Untamed Energy Concert’ as it marks 5th year anniversary

Living in a century as ours where everything is easily accessible has made life very easy yet very dangerous all the same. One of the things that have been endangering society lately most especially the youth has been drug abuse.

A research conducted by an organization named “Today” with statistics from the Narcotic Control Board (NACOB) in 2014 had findings showing that, out of the total number of 50,000 drug users in Ghana, 35,000 were students from Junior/Senior High Schools and tertiary institution aged between 12 and 35 years whilst the remaining 15,000 were adults with 9, 000 being males and 6,000 females.

The youth enjoys living wild, to be untamed and to let loose but has the youth explored other ways to be untamed aside drug abuse?

Music is the only safe drug the youth should be entitled to. Music should be the one thing that makes them untamed. Music and nothing else. For that matter the George Britton Interactive (GB Interactive) in a bid to fulfil its social responsibility and give back to society, has put together a concert dubbed " The Untamed concert " as part of its 5th anniversary.

The concert is to educate and sensitize the youth on the harmful effects of abusing drugs and to emphasize mainly on how music should be the best drug to inculcate in their lifestyle.


The Untamed concert comes off at the Tema Sports stadium on Saturday, the 25th November 2017.

The concert would be headlined by some of Ghanaians favourite musicians from Accra, Tema and its environs

GB Interactive is a communications, marketing and media company based in Accra, Ghana.

Source: GB Interactive