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GHAMRO elections: Preko Dankwa begs Kojo Antwi to run for 2nd term

Host of Kasapa Entertainment on Kasapa 102.5Fm, Kojo Preko Dankwa has appealed to veteran musician, Kojo Antwi to change his decision not to stand for second term as GHAMRO Executive.

He disclosed that it was rather unfortunate that several personalities are trying to chase Mr. Antwi, out of the pending GHAMRO elections on the basis that he has not lived up their expectations.

Preko who heaped praises on Kojo Antwi said his administration stands out tall as the best so far in the history of any GHAMRO executives.

He therefore outlined sixteen (16) achievements by the outgoing GHAMRO executives and urged stakeholders, fans, friends and musicians to support Kojo Antwi’s second bid to continue with his impeccable work for the organisation.

1- He has been able to separate the board from administration. In previous regime same board members were the administrative managers and were paying themselves.

2- He has been able to bring transparency into GHAMRO. Whatever is done by the board/administration is made known to the stakeholders.

3- Under his watch satellite offices have been created throughout the country to enable effective and efficient collection of royalties.

4- Under his watch (Randy Nunoo can bear witness) royalties have been WELL collected.

5- Under his watch GHAMRO has been able to buy vehicles and motor bikes for the regions to enable them work effectively. Past regime bought a car in the name of GHAMRO and work for them but it ended up in someone’s home.

6- Under his watch Wi-Fi has been set up.

7- Under his watch GHAMRO has been able to negotiate extremely well with GIBA to pay royalties by Media House.

8- Under his watch he was able to send some radio stations to court to be dealt with for not paying royalties to its members.

9- Under his watch media publicity and attention on GHAMRO with the slogan PAY as YOU PLAY. Even the ordinary user now understands.

10- Under his watch GHAMRO organised several media workshop to sensitize them on the copyright law and how CMOS (Collective Management Organisation Societies) works.

11- Under his watch good system of welfare has been set up and numerous stakeholders have benefited. And registered stakeholders on to Social Security and National Insurance Trust.

12 – Under his watch GHAMRO and other CMOS are building a magnificent office for the organisation.

13- Under his watch very soon a machine is to be set up to check logging of music and also make it big.

14- Under his watch every stakeholder is able to access the office freely without any hindrance.

15- Under his watch he has been able to negotiate with the Telcos to demand the best of royalties for its members.

16- Under his watch, GHAMRO has been branded one of the best cooperate institutions (my estimation.

Veteran Ghanaian musician popularly referred to as Mr. Music Man, Kojo Antwi has had enough of the accusations and insults hurled at him as chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO).

Though Mr. Antwi qualifies under the newly adopted constitution of the organization to run for a second term, the musician who was elected as chairman of the organization in February 2015, made his intentions known during an Extraordinary General Meeting held at the Apatakesie (Cultural Centre) in Kumasi on Friday February 24 2017.

His announcement was met with mixed reactions from the members present although majority begged him to rescind his decision not to vie for the position of the organization.

According to the body responsible for the upcoming elections, all plans have been put in place for a successful election on March 8 2017.

Source: kasapafmonline.com