Music Sat, 17 Mar 2007

Ghana As One Gala Night Awash In Kente

Executive Producer Kojo Bonsu is a very big dreamer. He must have known what he was doing when he asked patrons to last Saturday?s Ghana As One gala night to dress up in Kente.

For six hours, the Independence Square was awash with nothing but Kente. There was so much Kente that if weavers from Bonwire and Kpetoe were present, they must have wondered where all the stuff were coming from.

The effect of the variety of colours, the designs, the clothes and the glamorous ladies who wore them could not be lost on anyone. Kojo Bonsu had pulled off yet another first.

Twenty-something years ago, Kojo dreamt up a show that appeared unachievable in those heady days of military rule.

He staged a huge concert at the Accra Sports Stadium that was headlined by Osibisa and Musical Youth.

Last Saturday, another of Kojo?s dreams became a reality. Together with his crew that included production company Artes Dubai, producer Regis, event manager, Josephine and PR man Pa John and support from Areeba and Guiness, they fed over 2500 and attempted to make them party.

The party expectation did not really tick, unfortunately. But there were some patrons in a gold corner who did some partying to the music of Ola Williams, Kwaku Gyasi, Batman Samini, Ambolley, Paapa Yankson, Jewel Ackah and Kojo Antwi.

Headline artistes, Howard Hewitt of Shalamar fame and the Whispers could not raise the party temperature as they were expected to and although Kojo Antwi made an unguarded remark about their show, his own was so late in coming that many patrons left before his own performance.

No matter the glitches, Ghana As One gala night will remain one of the remarkable highlights of Ghana @ 50 and more so considering the fact that it was a private initiative.

How one wished the stage equipment that was used would remain here in Ghana!


Source: ghanamusic.com