Ghana DJ Awards, the high & low points

Wed, 20 Feb 2013 Source: konkonsaafrica.com

After several postponement of the Ghana DJ Awards, the event which was originally slated for October 16th 2012, finally took place last weekend at the National theatre.

The awards didn’t seem well patronized due to insufficient promotion of the event coupled with the inconvenience fun and patrons faced due to incessant shifting of the date.

One would have thought the intense social media publicity of the event could do the trick, but from the way things turned out on the D-day, organizers will have to revise their notes on publicity next time.

On a night specially dedicated to award DJ’s, one would have expected to see many of the finest and famous Ghanaian DJ’s throne the venue to grace the occasion, but the story is rather turned out very disappointing when a lot of the VIP seats stayed empty throughout the show.

The likes of DJ Black, Nii Aryee Tagoe, DJ Mens and a whole lot were all missed at the event.

On the other hand, many of these very respected DJs did the exact opposite of what fans expected of them by not showing up and making unconstructive criticisms of the event.

The time factor also seemed very disappointed and nothing good to write home about. A show which was scheduled to begin at 7pm, got delayed for about 3 hours.

Also most of the fans were not happy with the award given to a few DJ’s, especially the female DJ of the year award which went to Jessica of Citi Fm, should have been awarded to DJ Kess of YFM as most stated.

Without being too hard on the organizers, The maiden edition of GHANA DJ AWARDS was fairly a good start. One hopes more effort would be put in upcoming editions.

Source: konkonsaafrica.com