Ghana films! Who are we benchmarking against?

Tue, 28 Aug 2007 Source: mercyadede.bolus@tiscali.co.uk

Visited Ghana just last month for a month and enjoyed every minute of my visit.

However, I hardly watched our films because some were too emotional and also much shouting. Would it be a good idea to encourage our actors to keep their cool and rather emphasis in articulating their words gracefully to their audience? Well, I felt sorry for the supposed target audience because some actors do not engage with the audience instead they shout at them.

After watching one or two of the programmes I found the films very upsetting for me. In some case men treating women as second class citizens and also I observe that there was just too much domestic violence shows or soaps. Does our Ghana target audience have the opportunity to critic a film at all?

I'm too proud to be called a Ghanaian, however when it comes to watching our own films I shy away. Ghanaians are a different bred of people, academics, artisans, and street hawks however everyone have a part to play when it comes to telling our stories to the world of our existence. Ghanaians are excellent when it comes to the use of initiatives, from rags to riches, people starting life on no state welfare benefits yet saving to build their own mortgage free homes? All these areas are significant achievement we do underestimate. Even if a family lives in a mud build home it is mortgage free. Some individuals own huge hectares of farms using their initiatives and their own resources to get somewhere on the life path ladder. Yet when it comes flaunting what we got, we lack the know-how. Areas like for example child protection, domestic violence, physical disability issues also music, innovative gardening initiatives, rainwater harvesting initiatives etc may all need to be integrated into our films to help raise more awareness about social issues needing to be addressed head on.

Why are we selling Ghana so short when we have so much to boost to the world about? I wonder whom we as a nation are benchmarking against when it comes to filming industry. I would recommend that we pick up the good aspects of British, Canadian, German and Swiss filming so that we have that competitive advantage against our neighbours.

Source: mercyadede.bolus@tiscali.co.uk