Entertainment Fri, 8 May 2009

Ghana’s Anas meets BBC’s Samura

Award-winning journalist Sorious Samura takes a trip through four West African countries and meets Ghana's ace investigative reporter Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

Sorious drops into the middle of an undercover investigation of a Chinese brothel in Accra, Ghana, and the sixteen women who have been trafficked from China to work as prostitutes.

His host is a passionate investigative reporter called Anas Aremeyaw. Anas has won several prestigious international and national awards for his work exposing a complex cross-border human-trafficking syndicate operating in West Africa.

He is the mystery man of Ghanaian journalism because he refuses to allow his face to be photographed for fear that he will be recognised in one of his numerous undercover investigations.

Anas takes Sorious on the last stage of his latest investigation, showing him the Chinese brothel, introducing him to ‘Princess' - a Ghanaian girl who works as a cleaner at the brothel and who Anas has befriended to gain information - and taking him along for the police raid which results in the arrest of the traffickers.

Anas is running a complex and remarkable operation - not only producing what Anas himself describes as "wow factor" journalism, but working closely with a charity and the authorities to get human traffickers prosecuted and their victims returned safely home.

Sorious reflects that, in a continent where journalism is challenged and challenging, Anas is an inspiration.

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