Movies Mon, 23 May 2011

Ghanaian Actress Ebi Bright & Eddie Watson Caught Together

Grape vine reports say there is something amorous going on between heavily-built Ghanaian actor Eddie Watson, and svelte actress Ebi Bright.

Though both stars deny that they are dating, reports say they have been spotted together several times in town doing what lovers do.

The gossip is however becoming the talk of town after Eddie Watson recently described Ebi as someone who is by all standards his type and taste of a woman.“Ye s she is my kind of woman. She is a person I highly, highly admire. She is a great person. She is my kind of woman. She is cool,” he recently said in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE.

However both actors have downplayed any secrete love affair.

“No! Ebi serves as my manageress. That is why we are very close but most people don’t know when they always see us together. She was a good friend before she became my manageress,” Eddie explained.

“We met on ‘Somewhere In Africa’ (new movie)’s set and we started being good friends. So when the need arose that I should have a manager, I thought she was the best person. I couldn’t have chosen any other person.”

Eddie said, “Being with Ebi is nothing but fun and seriously business at times. When it comes to business, she is serious about it. When it comes to times to laugh, play and hang out, we do. I think she is a very serious person when it comes to the job. She does joke, she is a great person.”

Eddie entered the movie industry less than three years ago. His first movie was Bandex Production’s ‘Millions’, where he played the role of Kofi Adjorlolo’s security guard.

After, he starred in ‘Masters of The Game’, in which he was a detective, followed by a scene in ‘Turn Me On.’ Subsequently, he nailed a lead role in the hot-selling movie, ‘4play Reloaded, followed by ‘A Reason To Kill, all produced by Venus Films. He is rumuored to debut in Nollywood soon.

Ebi, on other hand is a consultant and a General Management graduate of Leicester University in the UK. She started flirting with Ghana’s movie industry less than two years ago when director Frank Rajah introduced her into it.

Her first role was in the ‘The Game’ by Hero Productions, where she played the role of a hired assassin.

After that performance, roles kept coming and she featured in movies like ‘Pool Party’, yet-to-be released ‘Somewhere In Africa’, ‘Ultimate Powers’ and ‘Silent Writer.’ Her latest yet-to-be released movie is Venus Films’ ‘Single Six’.

Both actors are said to be the busiest in the industry now.

Source: News-One