Entertainment Tue, 22 Jun 2010

Ghanaian Movie Stars Must Be Groomed

In recent past, it has become the habit of Ghanaian movie stars (Ghallygold movie star) to show their displeasure at constructive criticisms labeled against them by the general public and the media for their various acts of misconducts either in the movies they appear in, or the wild life style they exhibit in their normal life activities.

The media took it up the crusade of criticizing actors and stakeholders in the movie industry when the issue of explicit images became a major topical issue, as a new paradigm shift of marketing movies in the country.

Some of the movies which have received bad publicity and negative criticisms by the media and the public include, Hot Fork, Hearts of Men, Guilty Pleasures, 4play , Shakira, just to mention a few.

Recently, when some Ghanaian movie actresses were alleged to have been involved in a sex scandal with a top Nigerian business man, it resulted in threats and insults against the media.

Members of the Art Writers Association of Ghana (AWAG) were threatened by movie stars, to the extent of blacklisting journalist from having access to them for interviews.The likes of Jackie Appiah, Juliet Ibrahim, Yvonne Nelson, Nadia Buri and Majid Michel have on countless occasions exhibited cold relationship towards the media.

Speaking in an interview with the Chronicle, one of the finest movie actors of Ghana, Peter Richie who was recently featured in the block buster movie “TRINITY” has stated that, Ghanaian movie stars should inculcate the attitude of grooming themselves to be tolerant of constructive criticisms from the general public and the media, as far as their career is concerned.

According to him, without the media and the general public there will be no movie industry. Mr. Richie noted that the movie star’s career is interlinked to the general public and the media.He further noted that it is about time Ghanaian actors employ good PRs who understand how to deal with the media when it comes to publications concerning their career and life style.

Mr. Richie urged stars to have an open house policy towards the media and the general public which in his opinion is the best way to manage the their relationship with the media devoid of threats and coldness.

Source: Chris Twum/Gossip Mama