Entertainment Thu, 31 May 2018

Ghanaian movie marketers are cheats – Kwaku Manu

Actor Kwaku Manu has partly blamed Ghanaian movie marketers for the struggling nature of the country’s movie industry.

He alleged that majority of the marketers are cheats, who rip producers off their moneys. As a result, producers are unable to invest into the movies as they used to, hence the movie industry is struggling.

His claim comes at a time when Kumawood movie producers are complaining about lack of distribution channels for their movies, and are forced to rely on marketers who are in charge of movie sales.

According to Kwaku Manu, marketers make huge profits on movies given to them by producers but the moneys never get to the producers.

Kwaku Manu, who was speaking on Hitz FM on Tuesday over comments he made on The Delay Show, cited himself as an example of producers who have been cheated by marketers.

The actress revealed that he gave a movie to be marketed in Accra but the person could not even give him GH¢500 when he was travelling out of Ghana.


Meanwhile, he alleged the person made huge income from the movie’s sales.

He described it as appalling and called for a need to also regulate that part of the movie industry.

“A marketer who has made glaring sales on your movie shouldn’t come and say today take GH¢1,000 and then the next day take GH¢2,000. It is not right,” he added.

Just like the other areas of the movie industry, he insisted activities of Ghanaian movie marketers should be regulated to safeguard all interests in the industry.

Source: dailyguideafrica.com