Ghanaians are used to ‘disposable artistes’ – Ex Doe

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Tue, 28 Feb 2017 Source: kasapafmonline.com

Veteran hiplife artiste, Ex Doe holds the opinion that songs released these days by most Ghanaian acts die away so fast.

Ex-Doe who was optimistic about his music career disclosed that he is still active with music though most Ghanaians are used to ‘disposable artistes’.

“I’m still in the system but Ghanaians are used to disposal type of artistes so when you don’t find some artiste instead, go and look for him/her and check out what he/she is doing and talk about it.

“They have taken over the airwaves even after they are hyped yet after two months they are no more. In those days after coming out with your song, DJs play just a minute of the song for people to get it in stores,” Ex Doe said on Kasapa Fm’s ‘Pae Mu Ka’.

According him, in terms of logistics and music landscape, the industry has grown but the lyrical content has consistently been cheap and fake.

“Majority of singers nowadays do ‘disposable music’. The kind of tracks that fans will enjoy whilst they last for only a few weeks.”

Ex-Doe collaborated with Chicago to release “Daavi mede kuku” the most popular Ewe hiplife song to date in 1996.

Even though he is an Akan, he is known more for his Ewe lyrics due to the song’s popularity.

He and Chicago got into some misunderstanding over who deserved the credit for that hit. (Chicago actually wrote all the verses according to some sources).

‘Maba’ was a diss song to Reggie Rockstone (hiplife’s major pioneer) and Chicago. Rumour has it that Nana King of Ashanti International who was producing Ex-Doe encouraged him to do so to create controversial sales.

It is also believed that Akyeame (from Kudmasi) wrote the Twi verses on ‘Maba’ dissing Rockstone (an Accra resident who has called him president of Kumasi – Oseikrom president).

Rockstone has not publicly responded to the diss but Chicago did on his Wobeko (You would go) track.

Ex-Doe tried to incorporate Chinese into his next album (Twi Chinese) which did not yield the success he expected, working with the Ashanti International label.

He disappeared from the hiplife scene for a long time and then resurfaced featuring on Tic Tac’s hit, ‘Beware of dogs’.

Some of his songs include Yebre, Daavi mede kuku, Gogo wo ho, Comfort, Good one there, Sika etc.

Source: kasapafmonline.com