Ghanaians don’t support comedians - Ajeezay

Fri, 22 Jan 2021 Source: e.TV Ghana

Ghanaian comedian cum musician, Ajeezay has stated that Ghanaians do not support comedians because of some assumptions they have about them.

The stand-up comedian disclosed that 9 years of being in the comedy industry has been very tough because little or no amount of support is given to them.

Sharing some challenges he has faced as a comedian to Chelsy Sey on Y 97.9 FM’s Ryse N Shyne Show, he said, “The comedy industry in Ghana is seen as a space for riff raffs. It is assumed you’re into comedy because you didn’t get space in the educational sector but that is really not the case."

Another challenge he stressed was the issue of support.

“About 5/6 years ago, there was a fight, where people were claiming Ghanaian comedians weren’t funny. This made it difficult to get support in the industry. Getting people to put you on a gig was not easy”, he added.

On his accord, these sayings made it close to impossible for one to even get financial support.

“This is because no investor was willing to push money into Ghanaian comedy because of what was being said about it”," he said.

Ajeezay added that “Ghanaian comedians are trying their best to build the Ghanaian comedy industry. We have pushed everything by ourselves so we own it to ourselves because we’ve never had anyone saying they want to put this or any amount into Ghanaian comedy”.

Source: e.TV Ghana