Entertainment Thu, 31 Dec 2015

Gifty Anti’s marriage was most expensive and extravagant wedding in 2015

Most bride and grooms in Ghana have a budget for weddings to avoid getting hitched. But for the mega-rich, money is nothing. No wedding can be compared to the opulence of the Royal Wedding between Gifty Anti and Ansah Kwao in October 2015.

The couple had a stunning floral theme at their serene Aburi venue with superfluous ambience. The reception came complete with a custom designed 10-metre truss structure positioned behind the bridal table featuring snow like flowers in white color.

All the guests were mesmerized by the bride’s multiple couture kente dress and slippers. The reception arena was opulently styled with resplendent table settings, gold-gilded crockery and spectacular arrangements of white, gold and pale pink table clothes.

We’re talking about a Royal Wedding flaunted with gold ornaments by the groom, gold plated chairs, a dance floor made entirely from quality wood and Harrod’s UK like carpet, over 200 guest reception including, former President John Kuffour and a host of well-established personalities as well as celebrities; and a cool estimated thousands of dollars budgeted for the flowers and gifts.


Adorned from top to bottom with real beautiful reception, the Royal Wedding was transformed into a romantic fairy-tale for the guests!

Certainly, the Royal Wedding was an unbelievably extravagant wedding in 2015!

Source: economistgh.com