'God warned me to quit secular events' - Popular Sound Engineer tells his story

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Sun, 2 May 2021 Source: Skbeatz Records, Contributor

A Kumasi-based sound engineer, Emmanuel Sarpong, also known as Emsarp Music has opened up on how God warned him to quit all secular events and fully focus on gospel-related activities.

In an exclusive interview with publicist and filmmaker Skbeatz Records, Emsarp Music opined that for the first time, he once heard a voice that warned him to "STOP!!".

From the music producer, he didn't take it quite seriously when he first heard it audibly until on the second time, it sounded much louder and specific "STOP IT, STOP THE SECULAR EVENTS!", and that's where he finally noticed it was a strict warning from God.

Emmanuel Sarpong, who used to be a band manager and organizer, was also in charge of sound productions for most secular musical concerts in popular hotels in Kumasi.

Like a sound engineer with 13 years of experience, he really wanted to do both secular and gospel events at the same time.

But in 2015, he made the decision to use his sound engineering experience to help push gospel events only.

Emsarp Music, who is an IT specialist, is also a father of three children, "happily married to one wife!", he stressed.

Nevertheless, he is the current vice president of 'Agape Incorporated,' one of the well-known gospel music groups in Ghana.

Agape Incorporated has been in existence for 37 years now.

They are the original composers of popular songs such as 'Agape Love' and 'Agyeman'.

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Source: Skbeatz Records, Contributor