Entertainment Mon, 2 May 2005

Goodies Music - The Best Ghana Has To Offer

I recently wrote an article giving an expert advice to the group, VIP; the renowned Hiplife group, who made Ghana proud when they took home the Channel O Best Group Award. Often times we always give "props" to certain individuals or groups but leave out the brain behind that masterpiece. VIP, Tic Tac and a host of other artists are under Goodies Music Productions which has given Ghanaian music a "Brand Nu flavor in your ear". I have always heard great popular tracks attributed to this great production company.

Goodies Music Productions, owned and operated by the likeable Isaac Abeidoo Aidoo aka Goodies; in my opinion is the best Ghana has to offer, for transforming Hiplife. What I like about Goodies is how he pushes the limits. I always admire individuals who continuously take their "game" or craft to a level of excellence. I used to think Hiplife was a joke when it came on the scene, but every time you hear tracks produced by Goodies and featuring, The Last Two, GQ or Roland ; "you go nuts" and think this is a serious business not to be taken lightly. All generations get on the dance floor and dance to their songs till they drop. The music of Goodies sends a message with the popular phrase; "And If you don't know now you know" as taken from the hit song; "One More Chance" by the late "illest lyricist", The Notorious BIG, Biggie Smalls, Big Papa aka Christopher Wallace.

There are too many producers out there with no great skills but comes out with "garbage after garbage". We have those who are innovative and on top of their game. There are also others who copy the innovators because all they see is money in the business rather than their vision, own style or "brand nu flavor". Let us hope that those with little skills will learn from the pros.

On reading an article on Ghana Music.com "The man behind the Goodies Music Empire", what struck me was something he said; "I want to reach the international market and also all artistes should come together as one since music is to unite and not to set us apart. That was an inspiring message from a great leader with a great vision. It is not surprising that great things are crossing his path and has led to a future collaboration with film star, Steven Segal. There is a term I use frequently, "I don't do local, I do global". I say it because the world is big and lots to explore. If one does locally, he/she is not recognized afar, but globalization is where the business is. With the birth of the information superhighway, the world can be explored at the click of the button.


Goodies not only made a wise move to collaborate with Segal to benefit AIDS, he is showcasing his artistes to the world stage. That is something he has always hoped for. Currently, there are no Ghanaian Highlife/Hiplife artistes anywhere in my book, whose single album has sold over a million CDs worldwide. If there is then I need to know who that artiste/Group is so he or she/they can get a spotlight for such a milestone.

Ghanaian music has to crossover and be recognized on world stage like other African Artistes like Youssou Ndour, Fella, Hugh Masakela, Angelique Kidjo and others.

With the vision that Goodies has; the next great African superstar to hit the world stage and selling millions of CDs will come from Ghana.

Hopefully when the proposed December 3 event in Hollywood, CA., come to fruition, I will not hesitate to book my flight to support Goodies, the artistes and Steven Seagal on this wonderful effort to benefit AIDS.

Source: Mr. CNN