Gospel Synergy with Sol Africa show launched in Accra

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Sun, 21 Aug 2016 Source: Chuks Ineh

Today in the media landscape in Ghana, we have a lot of amazing Christian programs. Most of the programs have something in common - It is a Talk Show.

Our Master Jesus Christ taught us that "If anyone will DO" John 7:17, He also explained that "Not all that say Lord Lord...but those that Do" Matthew 7:21.

Thus we thought about something different, something more engaging, a program of activity that will increase faith but equally entertain, a Christian DO Show.

The Gospel Synergy program is a DO SHOW. You are wondering How? Don't worry, you will understand Now.

The program is designed into two segments at the moment -

Segment A - Focus On Guest

In this part, focus will gear towards promoting the guest artist, by sharing with the world his or her achievements, challenges and plans.

An integral aspect is to showcase current projects the special guest is working on.

Segment D - The Synergy

The special guest and host will work together to the glory of God in writing a new song. With the assistance of Tony Kyzzy ( TK) the Sound engineer and producer , a collaborative work will be done. Herein lies the Synergy - A new musical track is born out of team work and collaboration. Jesus Christ taught "Let them be One". John 17: 11

The program is available to a global audience on YouTube and Facebook. Due to the uniqueness and quality of the program, it's penetration to the Television platform is very easy.

Gospel Synergy with Sol Africa host is Sol Africa and it is a Sickles Productions original Program produced by Chuks Ineh.

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Source: Chuks Ineh