Music Mon, 26 May 2008

Gospel diva mocks God..gives husband’s baby to another man

News that celebrated gospel musician and six-times Ghana Music Awards (GMA) winner, Esther Smith, has given out a baby fathered by her husband to another man in Germany has rocked the world of Christendom, leaving Ghanaians wondering what led the successful artiste to such scandal.

Esther, who shot to fame in 2003 with her debut album, reportedly parted ways with her ‘osofo’ husband of four years in the most scandalous way possible after abandoning her three children with her husband, Rev. Ahinkan Bonsu, on him in Kumasi.

She has since opted to stay in Germany with a new man whom she has chosen to name a child believed to have been fathered by her husband, after.

The news is that Esther Smith may have shagging it out with her new man while her Kumasi-based Pastor husband waited for her return from a concert trip from Holland all these months.

There are indications that the gospel singer may have opted to name the baby fathered by her Kumasi-based husband after the new man to facilitate easy procession of immigrant documents for her to stay in Germany, where she presently resides.


Esther Smith is said to have returned the bride price and all items used in performing her marriage to her husband through her family three weeks ago. Her official wedding is yet to be cancelled by a court of law, though.

Reports suggest that her husband, the Kumasi-based Rev. Ahinkan Bonsu told Channel R, an Accra-based radio station, that his wife travelled to Holland last December in the company of other musicians who were invited for a show in The Netherlands.

According to him, Esther, who was four months pregnant at the time, travelled without informing him because of a misunderstanding between them over a music video she had produced with Morris Babyface, a producer.

He said he never heard from his wife after she arrived in Holland and had to ask of her from the man who invited them to The Netherlands.

“Later, I had this information that Esther has moved from Holland to Germany and had given her pregnancy to another man there with the view to getting documents to facilitate her stay.”


Pastor Ahinkan said he confirmed from the man who invited his wife to Holland that his wife had indeed moved to join another man in Germany, and delivered his baby, who had been named Bright Luciano Smith Bonsu at an out-dooring ceremony at a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church in Germany after her new man.

“Where we’ve got to we cannot hide the truth. It is about four years now that I married Esther. Since then I have not had any peace,” he reportedly said, claiming that his wife continuously insulted him and his family during their marriage.

Esther’s husband, who claimed he wrote most of her popular songs, said he has always suspected his wife of having extra-marital affairs.

Esther Smith shot to fame with her maiden album Gye No Di, which won three awards - Gospel Album of the Year, Gospel Artiste of the Year and Best Female Vocal Performance of the Year - at the 2003 Ghana Music Awards.

She followed up the following year, 2004, with another album, Nipa, which clinched three awards - Best Gospel Album of the Year, Best Song of the Year and the Best Album of the year - at the 2004 GMA.


Her last album did not fare as well as her two previous albums.

Having been sold as a God-fearing gospel diva whose fear and belief in God is represented in her works, many Ghanaians have started asking whether the noted musician has not been mocking the word of God all these years following the latest revelations of her private life.

“How can someone who preaches through gospel music commit such an abomination? It is even abominable for a non-Christian, much more someone who claims to walk in Christ ways. What are people like her teaching non-Christians by their lifestyles” noted an e-mail message sent to this paper on the issue Saturday evening.

Source: ghanamusic.com