Entertainment Thu, 7 Aug 2014

Government cannot criminalize Gaysm – Panji Anoff

Pidgen Music, CEO Panji Anoff last week made a shocking revelation on his Facebook that he is a gay.

In an interview with Feeling Daddy on our sister station, Spice 91.9FM, Panji admitted the fact that he is gay and said, he loves to fight for the right of people and himself because all human beings are entitled to their rights and freedom.

He quizzed "how can homosexuality be a crime? In order for something to be a crime, there must be a victim. So who is the victim? If I love you who is the victim?”

The manager of musician, King Ayisoba added that he believes the laws of the country is wrong; therefore the government should rather think of fixing the broken economy because homosexuality cannot be criminalized in the country.

The twist to this shocking revelation is that, he is married with two kids.

Source: Godfrey Ainoo