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Grace Boadu’s family allegedly assault bloggers; destroy and seize their properties

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Mon, 12 Feb 2024 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

About five Ghanaian bloggers are said to have been physically assaulted and their properties damaged during their visit to the late Dr. Grace Boadu’s family house.

Narrating how the incident took place, one of the bloggers (unidentified), said he and his colleagues visited the family with the sole intent to offer their condolences and also inquire about ongoing arrangements towards the funeral.

The YouTuber, whose car was also reportedly damaged, said they were initially allowed to participate in the event, where it was even announced that Dr. Grace Boadu’s final funeral rites had been scheduled for March 9, 2024.

He said things escalated fast after they stood up and headed for their cars.

According to the blogger, they were suddenly swamped by men from the house who began slapping one of their colleagues and beating up others as the family looked on.

He stated that aside from being physically assaulted, their phones were seized and cars were damaged.

One of the said damaged cars, belonging to the blogger who narrated the incident was spotted during his interaction with GHPage TV monitored by GhanaWeb.

“We heard that the family will be meeting today to discuss final funeral arrangements so we were at the house. It was during the meeting that we even heard that the burial will take place on the 9th. They even said they were contemplating on organizing the funeral on just a day but because of how prominent Dr Boadu was, they’ll pull through with a two-day funeral event. So, after the meeting we went ahead to greet the family and also ask for further clarification and it resulted in this (He pointed to his car),” he stated.

He continued, “Prior to this, they weren’t giving us good reception, so we headed out of the house and walked straight to our cars only to be met with this hostility. They slapped one of us and beat another to pulp. As for me about seven people pounced on me, beat me up and seized all my phones. Just have a look at our cars. They have destroyed the glasses and damaged them. What wrong have we done; we are not responsible for what people are saying on social media so why beat us?”

In a separate video, a popular Kumasi-based blogger, Poleeno Multimedia, also showed bruises his colleagues encountered through their ordeal with the attackers.

Grace Boadu’s partner on being sidelined

Partner of the late Dr. Grace Boadu, Pastor Kingsly Gyamfi, earlier disclosed that the deceased’s mother had instructed that until she touches down in Ghana, he shouldn’t be allowed into any of the family gatherings.

In an earlier interview with Kessben FM, Pastor Gyamfi said the instruction from the late herbal doctor’s mother, who resides in Belgium, was served to him and his entourage when they got to the entrance of the family house.

He made these statements while explaining the reasons they weren’t allowed into the family’s residence, as spotted in a video making rounds on social media.


Dr. Grace Boadu is said to have died on January 29, 2024. She is rumoured to have died in the bathroom.

An autopsy is yet to be conducted to officially identify the cause of Dr. Grace Boadu’s sudden death.

Many showbiz personalities have mourned the deceased considering the bond that existed between them as she was referred to as a 'celebrity doctor'. The likes of music group Keche, actor Kwaku Manu, singer Mzbel have all reacted to the development.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com