Grammys: Samini’s attack on Stonebwoy childish – Showbiz pundits assert

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Thu, 18 Mar 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Samini’s attack on Stonebwoy over the latter’s tweet which praised Nigeria and expressed utmost displeasure about Ghana’s feat at the Grammy Awards has been described as childish and unwarranted.

Nana Yaw Wiredu and Nenebi Tony – both entertainment analysts – argued on GhanaWeb TV’s entertainment review show Bloggers’ Forum that Samini goofed in launching a scathing attack on Stonebwoy considering the fact that the tweet Stonebwoy made did not indict anyone.

“The Stonebwoy tweet was not a tweet that’s supposed to trigger the things that it triggered. It was a tweet to let us wake up as a people and say ‘when we want to go to the market, we can go to the market united',” said Nana Yaw Wiredu of oneplayafrica.com.

Burna Boy’s Grammy Award win at the 63rd edition of the scheme activated a conversation in Ghana with several persons citing reasons no Ghanaian artiste has been able to chalk that success.

The Nigerian walked home with the Best Global Music Album award while ‘Brown Skin Girl’, a Beyonce music video which features Nigeria’s Wizkid won ‘Best Music Video’.

Stonebwoy in his bid to congratulate the Nigerians poked Ghana eliciting a response from Samini who opined that the journey begins from proteges respecting veterans, a statement that has since rekindled the seeming tension between a godfather and his son.

According to Stonebwoy, Nigerians have been "holding the mantel for Africa when it comes to entertainment on the global scene", hence "all other African nations [should] give it up for Nigeria for their constant efforts..."

"As for Ghana, smh [shaking my head], I'll be back…” he added.

Samini who prides himself as the godfather of Stonebwoy retorted in a series of tweets.

“Ghana will be ok if we begin to keep it 100% with each other as artists my gee. it starts from being honest and calling a spade a spade. Do you think they disrespect Idibia like you disrespect Samini?? #yearoftruth. before you give extra fake fans to Nigeria #checkyourself faker,” one of Samini’s tweets read.

Making submissions on Bloggers’ Forum, Nenebi told host Abrantepa that although he is fond of Samini, the attacks on Stonebwoy were needless.

“I love Samini more than anybody in this room, I’ve worked with Samini… but Rasta is talking nonsense. What is he saying? You don’t expect everybody to respect every legend. When Samini was on top, he wasn’t respecting the legends, he was doing his own thing, carried himself like the superstar he was and earned the right to do that. So when somebody is having their moments and are doing what you were doing, now you have a problem with it?” Nenebi asked.

He mentioned that Samini being a Grammy Awards nominee should have rather talked about how the media did not talk about his nomination. According to him, “That would have made more sense, but to go on a personal attack seems to suggest he [Samini] hates Stonebwoy.”

Backing Nenebi’s point, Nana Yaw Wiredu said, “Samini’s tweets were needless and childish. The only part of the series of tweets that made sense was ‘to not trash GH and praise Nigeria’. Even that part doesn’t make sense but because of the gibberish he’s been putting out, let’s say that part made sense.”

"Whatever Stonebwoy is doing is what the father [Samini] has been doing. If Samini feels Stonebwoy is disrespecting him, it's because of what the son has seen the father do. Someone wins his Grammy, I express my views and you want to insult me in public, calling me a faker?" Nana Yaw added.

Watch the discussion from the 38th minute.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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