Entertainment Mon, 21 Oct 2013

Guru ‘fed up’ with Ghanaians over his new single

But for popular Ghanaian music group FOKN Bois, no Ghanaian musician might have suffered enough bashing from all corners of the nation especially entertainment analysts, politicians and social commentators except Guru after releasing a creative musical material titled Boys Abre Alkayida.

The song which lyrically has nothing to do with the Islamic militant group Al Qaeda and its exploits has been the subject of discussion for several weeks now as many believe the title of the song could be indirectly promoting the works of the militant group and therefore putting the entire nation at risk.

In an interview with Nydjlive, Guru disclosed that although he had heard the calls and cries of people, he still stood by the conviction with which he wrote the song which was to promote a dance and therefore would not quit promoting the song or the video.

“I have stated time and again in several interviews that the song has nothing to do with Al Qaeda and so why all these unnecessary pressure? Where in the song did I ask anyone to be rowdy or aggressive?” He quizzed.

Even in the video, there is note that indicates that the song and the video have nothing to do with the militant group I guess people do not understand the creative industry, he added.

Guru despite calls is currently promoting the song which is one of the biggest in Ghana at the moment due to the catchy phrase Boys Abre.

Source: nydjlive