Music Thu, 19 May 2011

H4P Crew ready to set a new trend in the Gospel Music Industry

Every now and then, in every generation, there is always something that starts small and yet eventually impacts and shapes the destinies of many. Something that can easily be ignored, yet in the fullness of time becomes the desire of the ages. One of such, born in our time, is the H4P Crew.

The H4P Crew (Here For Perfection Crew) is a gospel music, arts and drama group under the label, SPIRITLYF MUSIC, with a vision of impacting our world and setting a new trend in the music industry.

As the name suggests, the agenda is simple but of utmost importance: to initiate a drive to attain the perfection of this generation through music. With innovation and creative ingenuity, the H4P Crew is set to be a force to reckon with in our time.

What makes the H4P Crew a unique and outstanding music group is the fact that though it was just formed on the 8th of January, 2011, its members employ a unique sense of creativity and originality that makes their acts and performances so endearing to their audience.

The H4P Crew also focuses on setting the trend for an alternative Christian entertainment experience of drama, accompanied by music.


The great group is set to replay another incredible, thought-provoking, spirit-inspiring and a suspense filled melo-drama concert titled “DECEIVING AND BEING DECEIVED” on 21st May, 2011 at the Pavilion B, International Trade Fair Center, La at 5pm.

Those who were at the drama studios of the University of Ghana, Legon when the group performed, say it was really a great masterpiece.

Plans are also far advance for a live streaming of the event on their website, http://www.h4pcrew.net/

The melo-dramas performed by the Crew are not only insightful, relaxing and refreshing, but also create an avenue for spiritual and moral upliftment. This unique style of performance creates a most formidable platform of transferring very important messages to the audience that has positive impact on individuals and families.

The ensemble consists of the H4P Crew (three ladies and a gentleman).

Source: Charles Nii Ayiku Ayiku