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Hilarious video: JHS students invoke ancestral spirits to fight 'stubborn' Science exams

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Ever come across a science topic and wondered its essence and most importantly how it can translate into making your life better literally? How about sitting in an examination hall while a tough, confusing science question stares at you with smiles on your way to failure? And the feeling you get as regards your inability to continue your education having failed a science paper on countless attempts?

Well, a war has been waged on the stubborn almighty science subject and it’s not physical. Yeah, it’s not scientific but the chemistry between the warriors and their descendants is enough to diffuse and disassemble the perilous subject.

A video clip in circulation captures some junior high school students pouring libation, invoking their ancestors to come to their rescue as they prepare to write Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in 2020.

The five homo sapiens, clad in cloths, are seen holding science text books with one leading them in the exercise while the other four back him.

“Nananom, we have exams ahead of us, we call on all JHS students across the country to join us with guns, swords, bow and arrow as we head to WAEC to disgrace science in 2020,” the leader said while mentioning some botanical names and terms students are compelled to memorize.

“What’s all these about? Nananom, history suggests that even the Big Six never liked science. However, we are learning about atom, potassium permanganate when we cannot eat it. Nananom, science is becoming a torn in our flesh. Deal with him drastically on our behalf.”

Watch the video below

Source: www.ghanaweb.com