Hiplife is dead, only Hammer can resurrect it – Tinny

TINNY Pastor.png Tinny

Sat, 30 Nov 2019 Source: mypurefmonline.com

Let us be honest with ourselves when was the last time we had an original Hiplife banger?

Answering this question could take us a very long time and in the quest to answer this question and also seek how relevant the Hiplife genre is, in present-day Ghanaian music industry, one of the pioneers of Hiplife Tinny sits in an exclusive interview with 'Hammer On Hammer Time' on Pure FM talking the impact of Hiplife in Ghana now.

According to Tinny, he doesn’t brand himself as a Hiplife artiste but would rather describe himself as a musical artiste. He is of the view that Hiplife is dead.

"Hiplife is dead. You barely see people come up and say they want to be Hiplife artistes and I think it has something to do with time because even Hiphop has changed in America and I think even when Azonto came it caused some distraction to Hiplife."

Answering how the genre can be made vibrant again Tinny suggests we get ‘Hammer of The Last Two’ back in the studio “So if we need Hiplife back we need Hammer back in the studio."

Source: mypurefmonline.com