Music Sat, 16 Apr 2016

Hitz Fm’s Dr. Pounds takes the most payola in Ghana – Papa Loggy

The issue of payola has been the talk of town for sometime now. Many say payment of payola has gone down to the barest minimum, to others, payment of payola is still on the rise.

Artiste manager and music promoter, Papa Loggy. in this week’s edition of Flex Newspaper has disclosed the names of some Djs in Ghana who take payola, and he also went ahead to name and shame some of the presenters who take payola.

He mentioned Dr. Pounds of Hitz Fm, Andy Dosty of Hitz Fm, Mr. Shark of Pluzz Fm, Micky Darling of Peace Fm among other presenters and Djs.

Some of the Djs he mentioned got angry as to why he came out publicly mentioning their name notably Andy Dosty and Micky Darling.

In an interview with Hitz Fm, Papa Loggy revealed that he was forced to mention the names some of the Djs he pays payola to because "they would take the money and won’t play the songs, and that he’s encouraging Ghanaian Djs to play local songs and stop playing foreign songs because the foreign acts don’t even pay payola to them."

He again added that among the Ghanaian Djs, the one who stands tall when it comes to collecting payola is Hitz Fm presenter, Dr. Pounds and that Dr. Pounds indeed takes the most payola in Ghana and that he's daring him to come out to deny it.

Source: thebigtriceonline.com