Movies Tue, 16 Jan 2018

Behind-the-scenes photos from ‘Six shades’ film set

Six Shades, a domestic violence film of a young girl who is frequently abused by her 'ghetto' lover

While movie fans around the world actually dream of going behind the scenes of movies, we suggest you take this photo tour from us from the short film, 6SHADES.

Six Shades, a domestic violence film tells the story of a young girl who frequently gets abused by her “ghetto” lover.

It’s a 3cast film which features Nollywood/Ghallywood actor Kobby Acheampong, upcoming Nigerian actress Asuama Inyang and young filmmaker Shadi H. Slim.

Before the making, some few changes had to be made which involved the young Nigerian actress taking the role of the young and only girl in the film. Take a ride with us.

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Source: WATCHmore Media