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How seriously do female artistes take their stage appearance and performance: A case of Fantana

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Fantana, a relatively new artiste on the block, signed unto RuffTown Records, has had the opportunity to perform on two major stages since she came into the limelight. Her first ever performance was on the stage of the biggest beach event Tidal Rave.

Given that was her very first performance, some mistakes were obviously forgiven. She came on stage in all her glory, twerked as much as she could, sang off key and called it a day.

After that abysmal performance her manager admitted that she needed more training, and so it was just expected that she would get some training done on how to perform, appear, and control the stage.

Yesterday 19th October, was yet another great opportunity for Fantana, to ‘right her Tidal Rave stage wrongs’, but this didn’t happen.

Fantana had an incredible opportunity to perform on Obrafour’s ‘Back to Taifa’ concert and Shatta Wale’s Reign concert. Both events happened at different places and different stages.

Fantana, a fashionista as she calls herself, not only performed in one costume on both stages, she chose, to flash her sanitary pad on stage as well. As if that was not enough, she sang horribly and off key.

Her performance was so bad, one wondered how her management allowed this to happen again.

Fantana has a good voice. An incredibly deep voice, that when used well would take her places, but does she know how powerful this voice is?

What really goes into preparation for the stage for such a new artiste as Fantana? Was this sanitary pad display a publicity stunt to get her trending?

Here is an advice to Fantana and her management if they will listen.

Please do take your stage craft and appearance seriously. You came from America, where even on one stage, artistes change costumes many times before an event is over, how did you think it was ok, to use one costume on two different stages?

Secondly, performances are not all about twerking, it is also stage control, how you sound when you hold the microphone and how you appear on stage. Of course, your fans will shout and scream, but at the end all the trends will be because you failed to impress.

The next time you have a stage performance, even though it is the usual lip-syncing, rehearse for it. Rehearse till you get it right. Sing in tune and in key. If you get on stage, listen to your own voice playing and sing to that tune.

To her management, do your job!

Source: www.ghanaweb.com