“I Don't Envy P.V For His Male Vocalist Award” -Risky

Wed, 16 Jun 2010 Source: Samuel Baal/Flex Newspaper

Though they seem to be a good pair who have been able to win many laurels since their entry into the music industry, the two have accepted to go their separate ways in the hope that one day, they will come together to continue with their unfinished business.

It`s all about “Wutah Fire” who are made up of Risky and Papa Virus better known for hit tracks like kotosa, goosy gander, big dreams and many more favourite tracks from their Blaq Capricon record label. It was about some weeks back when a tabloid reported that the duo are no more and that they are eyeing different projects in their career.

Fans thought initially that all these were just to create some hype around them until the horses spoke with their own mouths. At the moment, no one needs an angel to descend from heaven to confirm the truth in that story to the fans of the Kotosa artistes.

Whiles they (artistes) claim that they agreed on the move even before this year`s Ghana Music Awards when the solo album recording was started, there are others who also think otherwise raising other hard issues against the artistes and their manager Kofi Okyere Darko (K.O.D) of Radio Gold fame.

Some quarters have the belief that Risky is envious of P.V. on the sole basis that the later was picked between the two as being the male vocal performer among them in 2010. The other food for thought also has it that, their manager KOD is the one fueling all these separation because of his personal preference for Risky.

These issues were worth discussing and needed a review to get to terms with the details of their break up. Risky is ready with his solo recording album titled “self bliss” which will be ready for the market soon.

When your authoritative Flex newspaper interrogated him concerning these allegations which have been leveled against him and more, he responded that those allegations are mere fictions as there are no truths in them. “Whoever says that I am envious of my brother, therefore that`s why I am going solo is getting it wrong.

We took this decision weeks before GMA so how can that be possible. This is something we have talked about on many platforms with my brother himself so how can that happen. I must say that I am even happy for him for winning the male vocalist of the year because it lifts our name forward.

There is no way I can be envious of him because we are a team” he told this writer last Monday via a telephone interview. During one radio discussion on Happy fm hosted by Dr. Cann, one panelist revealed that the two want to go separate ways because the wages they are getting from events (gigs) are not as big as their solo artistes.

Though this was not agreed by many on the panel, the strength of the speaker revealed that she knew what she was talking about. Risky denied this allegation too vehemently whiles assuring us that there are no qualms between the two as they are still waiting till the end of this private project he has started.

What about their manager KOD, is he in support of this break up as it`s being speculated by all those involved in the brouhaha? Risky spoke on behalf of his manager whiles adding that KOD is the one taking care of the production and management of “self bliss”. “K.O.D is the one in charge of this album.

He is aware of everything. And like I have said before, it`s not a break up but a decision we have all agreed to” Risky added. One question on the lips of many industrial players has been whether the two will continue to enjoy the Glo Ambassadors benefit now that they will be seen doing things individually.

That million Cedi question is still begging for answers as pundits are waiting to verify the kind of production Risky will be releasing in the near future when the album finally comes out.

Source: Samuel Baal/Flex Newspaper