Music Thu, 13 Mar 2008

I am a threat to the Mzbels, Beccas, Abrewa Nanas, K. K. Vidashs – says Veeda

Veeda has entered, seen and hopes to conquer all. Veeda’s career is gradually blossoming after debuting on the Ghanaian music industry with her breakout hit “Biribi Yaa Yeme,” off her album, “Sunshine”.

For now Veeda is everyone’s fantasy. Asked whether she thinks she might be a threat to her already or yet to be established female artistes. Veeda boldly said “Yeah, I have a different style. The audiences are ready for something new which I have and it’s something unique”.

Veeda also thinks it’s been a long time coming and the male artistes should watch out for the female artistes well because they are coming in a good way.

“I feel like it’s my album. I wrote all the songs. I had total control over it. Not to forget, my producers also helped out a lot with some touches on the lyrics; especially Daniel”, Veeda said.

Asked whether if one of her fellow female musicians were to hear song and come up to her for a collabo or featuring would she accept it. “Definitely why not” was what she said.

With guest appearances from Red Eye of 2 Toff, Babashanti and Nixon, and production from John Dee and Dee Jones, the album has received good reviews from Hitz FM and MTN Fusion.

I’m interested to hear what people think about this one .

Source: ghanamusic.com